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Leasing / Hire Purchase

We offer unmatched Leasing / Hire purchase / vehicle loan facilities for registered /unregistered vehicles to make your vehicle dream a reality. Enjoy convenient leasing with AMF and drive away your dream vehicle with no hassle at all. 

Fastest Leasing Approvals

With AMF, Leasing and Hire Purchase is easier than you think!!

AMF is a leading finance company in Sri Lanka providing services of Leasing and Hire Purchase that makes getting a vehicle finance as easy as possible. We have access to the best finance deals in the industry and we can arrange credit facilities for the amount required for both registered and unregistered vehicles.

For Bike/ Three Wheel Leasing

We offer leasing facilities for a wide range of bike and three wheeler models of popular makes for a minimum down payment coupled with an attractive interest rate to suit customer requirements.

Documents required for 2W leasing.

We also offer leasing facilities for Three Wheelers 

Documents required for 4W Leasing.

Basic requirements 

With AMF Leasing you can enjoy :

Basic Requirements

Other Required Documents for Employed Applicants

For Businessmen

For Corporate Entities

Lesi Draft

Meet working capital/cash flow requirements of an individual against the vehicle with an affordable monthly repayment and lump sum payment at the end of the tenure.

Leasing Rates

Vehicle TypeRate
Two Wheel32% P.A.
Three Wheel25% P.A.
Four Wheel13% P.A.


1Four Wheeler Application Client
2Four Wheeler Application Guarantor
3Two and Three Wheeler Application Guarantor and Client

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