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How we work

At AMF, we value innovative ideas, ability to take charge and display leadership qualities. We provide a dynamic work environment that provides exciting challenges, exposure to the corporate world, early responsibilities, and ample opportunities for development and growth. Join AMF and enjoy working with a team of diversified talented individuals who pushes the boundaries of the financial landscape of Sri Lanka.

Benefits at AMF

Our Culture

AMF is the best place to work in. AMF offers great opportunities to grow your professional career working with the industry’s top professionals.

At AMF, I am surrounded by a great team of co-workers. AMF offers ample training opportunities that promotes a healthy working environment with generous benefits. The company has a strong presence and a good reputation in the market. I am proud to say that I am an employee of AMF.

Core Values


Trust is imperative for assured reliance both internally and externally, thereby making it an important measure to monitor. It is a core value that must be upheld by every employee in order to ensure an honest and value-driven work environment, a strong client relationship and a stable and sustainable organization. It has been a value that has been upheld with pride in the past, and continues to be an important principle the company aspires to maintain.


This core value is instilled to view the company as an organization that introduces new services, practices and products that fosters a progressive outlook on its employees and customers. It is important not merely to be on par with other financial institutions but to surpass competitors and fulfill the organization’s responsibility towards its clients by ensuring service excellence and advancement.


To ensure the employees work in cohesion towards the achievement of the company goals, providing support and assistance to one another and thus, establishing a positive work environment that ensures efficiency, effectiveness and equity. Further, to bring together individual strengths and enhance company performance and service.


Ensuring responsible management of client wealth and provision of services in an ethical, reliable and answerable manner. Maintaining accountability is the response of the organization to the trust placed in them by their clients. It is a core value that instills confidence and reassurance in the client.


The ability to adapt to changes and developments in the industry in order to sustain customer demands and expectations. Agility is a core value that influences internal strategy and decision making which determines the prospective growth of the organization. It enhances the responsiveness to reasonable expectations and developments in the market, ensuring a competitive advantage.

Performance Driven Culture

Vital to ensure one of the most important objectives of an organization, future survival. This core value not only safeguards the short run expansion of the entity but is further imperative to attract future talent into the organization for long run survival. It guarantees a just and equitable work environment, thereby empowering employees and providing equal opportunities for success. 

Come, be a Part of Something Big

The future of AMF is exciting, and we can't wait to share it with you.