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‘Al-Jabal’, the literal meaning is Mountain, symbolizes the Islamic Unit that stands high with humility in the Islamic Financial landscape. Associated Motor Finance Company PLC has created a new paradigm shift to its dedicated alternative financing concept with some innovative products and services catering to the entire nation. With our dedicated team and guidance of well-qualified industry experts working alongside a renowned Shariah advisory committee – we combine ethical financing with strong business acumen.

AMF Islamic Finance Products

Investment Product

Wakalah Investment Account With AMF Alternative Finance Unit (AFU)

Wakalah Investments, while providing an alternative to Fixed or Term Deposit, gives the Investor a path to plan out investment returns and financial security.

How it works

Wakalah is a Principal- Agency agreement between the Investor and the Alternative Finance Unit of Associated Motor Finance Co. PLC. These investments are utilized and invested in profitable Shariah-Compliant transactions within AMF’s course of business.

Features & Benefits

Financing Options

(Facilities for brand new and registered vehicles)

“Ijarah” is a mode of financing in Islamic Sharia Law and widely practiced across the globe in the Islamic Banking and Finance Industry. The Ijarah scheme is unique, being specially designed and tailor-made to address all your vehicle leasing needs. According to Ijara principles, the Financial Institution (Al Jabal) will buy the vehicle you need and rent it to you so that you could enjoy the full usage of it. At the end of the agreed rental period we will gift the vehicle back to you so that you could enjoy the full ownership of it.

Murabaha / Trade Finance

(Facilities for brand new and registered vehicles)

In Islamic finance, a sale /contract is where the Financial Institution (Al Jabal) buys the product on behalf of the client and resells the product to the same client by clearly mentioning the cost incurred in buying the product and the margin or the mark-up when reselling the product to the client. (Applicable for registered Vehicles)

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